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Classic Saddle with Sliding Backband

Designed for use with two wheeled vehicles or for wheeled vehicles that have rigid fixed shafts.

The unique design of the Zilco saddle tree and use of special terrets, allows the backband to slide freely.  This has a self-balancing effect on the shafts to give a more comfortable ride for both horse and passengers.

The backband can be locked into position when free movement is not required (eg when using a different vehicle with independent shafts).  This is done via a neat conway buckle which sits below the terret on each side of the backband to restrict the sliding movement.

The saddle girth points are 25mm (1″) wide and lined for durability.

Classic saddles all feature Zilco’s new high density removable foam panels for the improved comfort and fit of the horse. They can be positioned on the saddle via touch-tape backing to suit each horse’s individual shape, providing optimum fit.

The saddle is constructed using Zilco’s unique elastomeric flexible tree which conforms to the shape of most horses whilst giving good spine clearance.

The saddles also feature Zilco’s new purpose-moulded, abrasion resistant wear pads for greater durability.


Pony:  100mm (4″)
Cob :    125mm (5″)
Full:     125mm (5″)

Size: All Classic Saddles are sized as follows, measured on the bearing surface (underside).

Size Length Min Length Centre Length Max
Pony 100cm (39 1/2″) 120cm (47 1/4″) 140cm (55″)
Cob 105cm (41 1/2″) 125cm (49 1/4″) 145cm (57″)
Full 115cm (45 1/4″) 135cm (53″) 155cm (61″)



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