Head Piece – Fine

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This bridle headpiece is softly padded to reduce poll pressure and for extra comfort.


Shetland Size 
Length: 58cm (23″)
Cheeks: 13mm (1/2″)

Pony Size
Length: 58cm (23″)
Cheeks: 13mm (1/2″)

Cob Size
Length: 63cm (25″)
Cheeks: 13mm (1/2″)

Full Size
Length: 68cm (27″)
Cheeks: 16mm (5/8″)

When mixing and matching individual bridle parts, it is important to check the width of the straps on the parts you are ordering. For example, blinkers with 19mm cheeks will only fit a headpiece with 19mm straps.

Additional information

Weight 130 g
Horse Size

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